Legal Stuff that You Should Read

Everything offered on this site is of my own design and handiwork.
My designs are copyrighted, which means that you are not allowed to
reproduce them. There are exceptions to this, so feel free to contact
me with any questions by clicking on the icon at the bottom of any page.

Further, all of the photos are copyrighted and may not be taken to be used
for display or as artwork on any other site. Fair use is legal, so feel free
to contact me about using a photo, and I will help you with that.

Doing Business with Me

All of the items offered for sale on this site are in new, unused condition
and are free of defect. I supply care instructions with every item sold.
I will not replace an item if care instructions were ignored.

Further, I do my best to describe the colors and sizes of items to aid you
in deciding whether or not an item is right for you.

In general, I do not accept returns. If something is damaged in shipping, I will
replace it exactly or with a similar item of your choosing. If an item you receive
has some defect, I will replace it. I want you to be happy with what you've bought.


Please be aware that I make everything for sale on this site, which means that you
are buying items not mass-produced in some factory halfway around the world.
If you are concerned about color or size -- or care -- of any item, please contact
me before buying it, so that I can answer your questions thoroughly.

Return Policy

In general, if the item is in the same condition as received and is not defective --
meaning, you've decided that you don't like or want it --
you will pay the return shipping charges as well as a ten percent (10%) restock fee.
I don't mean to seem harsh -- I just want you to contact me before you buy,
so that I can give you whatever help and information you need.

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