Shopping on this site is pretty straightforward: just click on the
ADD TO CART button next to the item you want, and a new window
will open up with a shopping cart. Continue to add items as you
find them. You can view the shopping cart at any time by clicking
on the SHOPPING CART button at the top right corner of every page.


The payment gateway for credit cards is PayPal. You do not need a
PayPal account to check out. I also accept money orders and personal
checks, though orders paid for by personal check will be held until
the check has cleared.

If you want to pay by check or money order, simply tell me so in the
message box that appears in the shopping cart. After adding everything
that you want to the cart, click on the CHECKOUT button. This will send
the order to my secure site while it takes you to the PayPal gateway.
At this point, you can close out the window, as I will have your order
and will contact you to confirm it.
If you do not receive a confirmation from me within 24 hours, it means
that you did not click through to the checkout area and must contact me.


The cost of shipping is included in the prices on our site,
and there are never any additional handling charges.

Sales tax is also included in prices, though duty is not.

Shipping method is best way as determined by me. Smaller and lighter
orders are shipped via US Postal Service First Class (or international)
or Priority mail. Larger packages generally ship via UPS.

If you require special services, such as Express service, please add a
message to the shopping cart indicating your needs, and I will respond
as soon as I'm able.

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